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Embedery provides a collection of products to give you the ability to maximise potential to reach the goals for your business.ll the Popups & widgets you will ever need

Beautiful Popups that blend in

Our Popups are easy to build and require no code experience to customise and install into your website.

Define your user story

Build a story to accurately target and engage the right customer.

Analyse the impact

Check the analytics and impact of your popups, emails and story boards on an accessible dashboard.

Ideal for Marketers

Embedery provides a fully customisable widget editor to quickly reveal what works and what does not. These features make Embedery a powerful tool for marketers.

  • Connect to marketing tools
  • One small JavaScript snippet
  • Lightweight impact on website performance
  • Zapier ready
  • Analytics built-in
  • Customer discovery
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This integrated platform will help you transform complex user experiences into an easy to understand graph, just by dragging and dropping.

Complete control

Determine when and which widget should appear when your user perform a certain action on your website.


Manage who can see your widget based on their device, operating system or even where they are in the world.

All the Popups & widgets you will ever need

Thousands of possible popups and widgets are possible using our powerful widget editor.

Social ProofSpecial

Notify your visitors when other visitors trigger an event on your website, such as when someone purchases one of your products, let other visitors know about it.


Display a popup to your visitors. This is a great way to catch the visitors full attention.


Embed your widget into your content. This is great if you want your widgets to blend in.


Display your widget as a popover, this can appear fixed to the window of the visitor, this is a great way to prompt visitors in a more passive way.


Display your widget when a visitor lands on a page, the doormat will be shown in fullscreen, but the visitor can scroll down to see the webpage.


Show your widget as a sidebar, a sidebar is great for presenting a lot of content while capturing the attention of your visitor.


Display your widget as a horizontal bar, this works great at capturing the visitors attention throughout the entire experience.

Quote FormSpecial

Quickly grow leads using a quote form, allow the visitor to configure a set of values to quickly calculate a quote.

E-Commerce & Store owners

Advertise new products, announce sales or encourage users to check out their cart before abandonment. Embedery offers you multiple ways to engage your customers.

  • Show a sales banner
  • Capture information about your users
  • Show a modal targeted at certain users
  • See metrics on what is working
  • One small JavaScript snippet
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Embed your widgets anywhere

Our widgets are designed from the ground up to be fully customisable and compatible with any website that supports oEmbed. This means you can embed one of your widgets in or your Wordpress website with just one URL.


All our widgets are engineered to be fully responsive across thousands of different devices.

Highly customisable:

Modify and adopt your widgets with our widget editor. Click, edit and publish.

Many appearance types:

Display your widget as a modal, popover, as a top bar or just inline your widget into your website.

Agencies & consultancies.

Manage multiple properties from one account and control the metrics evolution with our easy to navigate dashboard. Designed for all levels of technical expertise.

  • Multiple property support
  • Insightful metrics
  • Quickly understand what is working
  • No technical knowledge needed
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Some of our features.

Tons of powerful integrations

Connect to over 500+ third parties using Zapier.

Lead magnet support

Unlock more subscribers by rewarding users once they subscribe.

Advanced user targeting

Easily target users based on their browser, language or device.

Tons of widgets

Choose from our wide variety of widgets with many style possibilities.

Landing forms

Use our widgets to ask users different questions, collect and analyse data in a simple way.

Built to scale

Our infrastructure is designed for global coverage, we can guarentee 99% uptime thanks to our scale and speed.

GDPR built from the ground up

We take data privacy very seriously, all of our widgets fully respect GDPR and we comply without question.

Headless endpoints

We provide endpoints to allow you to build your own forms and widgets but have our system collect the data.

Powerful analytics (Coming soon)

Our system has a powerful analytics engine built in. See how your users engage with your widgets and how they interact with your website.

Business owners.

With Embedery you can get insights on your website and see how the widgets you enable impact your business. This increases your understanding of users and helps you make better decisions to maximise sales and conversion.

  • Powerful metrics
  • See widget impact
  • No technical knowledge needed
  • Discover who your customers are
  • Integrate with the tools you use
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