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Popups for your website

Popups · 6 min read

To start this article, lets first discuss what is a popup. What is a Popup? A popup is a panel that appears to your visitor after a certain action with the intent to encourage that visitor to convert towards your goal. For example you may show a popup with an email field asking i ...

Best 21 marketing Zapier zaps

Zapier · 7 min read

In this article I will break down the 15 best Zapier zaps to supercharge your marketing team. Be it the focus of your marketing team is content marketing, building a social presence or even just optimising your webiste in general, this article is will be ideal for you. What is Za ...

What is SEO

Tips · 4 min read

What does SEO stand for SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation, so what does this actually mean? SEO, Search engine optimisation is a way to improve your webpages to gain more traffic from a search an online visitor enters into a search engine like Google or Bing. We wi ...

How to build a blog

Inspiration · 18 min read

Building a blog today has never been easier, tons of solutions exist that really can help you focus on writing great content and building a community around that content. We live in a world where content is shared daily and easily exposed to huge amounts of people thanks to websi ...

Embedding with Medium.com

Use Case · 2 min read

This is a small tutorial on how to embed one of your Embedery widgets into Medium.com. For this tutorial we will use the newsletter widget. The newsletter widget is a form you can show after your article to prompt your reader to subscribe to your newsletter. Once they sign up you ...

Jam Stack vs WordPress

Content · 4 min read

The Jam stack is a new way of managing a blog without the expensive requirement of a server. In the open source world a number of static website builders have emerged, these builders simply convert static markdown files into rich experiences. JAM stack stands for: J, Javascript ...