Embedding inline Widgets

Learn how to embed inline widgets

Widget embedding is a core feature of Embedery.com, because of this we provide a few different approaches you can take when embedding your widget into your website. These approaches include:

## 1. Inline Widgets

Inlining a widget is our more basic approach, all you need is to embed the main embedery script and add your widget element.

Adding a inline widget is as easy as:

<embedery-widget widget-id="you-widget-id"></embedery-widget>

This will inline your widget.

2. Storyboard embedding

The other appoach we support is called Storyboard embedding. This is where you create a storyboard, add some conditions to determine who can see the widget and when they can see it, activate the storyboard board and voila!, your widget will appear to the user.

Storyboard embedding works best for widgets that will overlay your website, such as a modal or a popover.

About our widgets

Something that makes us a bit more special than our competitors, we do not use iframes. When one of our widgets is embedded in your website, it will look and feel like your website is providing the widget.

For us providing web component based widgets is core to our belief to ensure your visitors have a consistent and enjoyable experience when using your website.

If you want to know more about embedding or how we tailor our widgets for your website, please feel free to contact us.