Getting started with Widgets

Get started with Widgets

Widgets are a core feature of Embedery, they are one of our solutions to engaging with users.

When you want to collect email addresses from users or advertise sales happening on your website, you do so using a widget. You can add different elements and request multiple pieces of content from the same widget.

In this section we will show you:

1. Our widget editor

The widget editor is the tool you use to build and customise widgets, in the article we will explain how the editor works and what it can do.

2. Widget elements

The elements you can choose from to easily build your widget, elements are anything from text boxes to countdown timers, they are the building blocks of the widget.

3. Widget embedding

Learn how to inline embed your widget on any of your websites. Our widgets are designed to work in any type of website. We also support embedding with JavaScript frameworks like React, Vuejs and Angular.

4. Widget data

here you will learn how to access your collected data and see aggregate data.