Install with WordPress plugin

Install the WordPress plugin in a few easy steps

Installing with WordPress is as easy as installing the plugin and authorizing with

Please ensure before pairing your Embedery property to your WordPress website that you have already signed up. This feature available for all membership types including free.

1. Install the plugin

To get started, navigate to to get the Wordpress plugin.

You can also down the plugin directly from the WordPress plugin marketplace in your WordPress admin.

2. Setup your account

  • Install the WordPress plugin
  • Then, Navigate to the plugin administration page.
  • Once there click on the authorize button to setup your account with your website.

The authorization will allow you to choose the property to pair, once done you will be able to start embedding your widgets using WordPress shortcodes or Gutenburg blocks.

You can also manage what is embedded using storyboards and the widget embed options page.

3. Start embedding.

Once you can connected to, you can start manually embedding your popups and widgets or just control embedding from