Embedery is a conversion and behaviour engine


Embedery is a conversion and behaviour engine, designed to engage, convert & optimize your website traffic.

Why Embedery?

  • Flexible widgets - Our widgets work everywhere and are fully customisable to match your website
  • Fast - Our infrastructure is built on giants like Amazon web services, Google cloud and Microsoft Azure
  • GDPR worldwide - We fully respect GDPR and all decisions we make takes GDPR into account
  • Percise user targeting - Our Storyboards are extremely powerful and we plan to push the limit of what they can do
  • Integrated - All data we collect can be sent anyway you wish, we provide Zapier support and more coming soon
  • OEmbed ready - Paste our widget url into OEmbed support platforms and our widget will appear, such as or
  • Fair pricing - We only charge you only based on the amount of submissions you are collecting
  • Powerful Event driven analytics - We provide analytics out of the box, we expose geo location, who the user is and how they engaged with your widget
  • Tons of widget types supported - Customise your widget to work anyway you wish, easily customise using our drag and drop editor
  • Headless endpoints - Build your own widgets and easily connect into our system using a headless endpoint
  • Developer friendly - Our widgets are built as Web components, this means they work in any JavaScript framework, Vue, React and Angular.

Who is Embedery for?

Embedery is a platform to help you convert your website traffic into a valuable asset for your business.

Some examples.

1. If you run a blog

You may want to build an email list of people interested in your content. By doing this you will have a pool of people you can send your new content too and they may share that content with their friends on social media or on other websites.

But how do you gather those email addresses? Embedery provides a widget to show an email form once the user has read more than two articles on your blog.

2. If you run an online store

Running a store can be tricky, especially when vistors dont buy anything or leave the website before checking out with their cart.

Embedery provides a series of widgets to help ensure these visitors do buy something before leaving, we do this by showing a reminder that their cart has something just before they leave, we can even show a countdown to provide a sense of urgency and perhaps using copy to convince them to checkout.

For other visitors we can raise awareness of a sale happening on your website or we can show other visitors buying products on your website which would provide some social reenforcement to them that this website is popular and is successfully selling products.

Embedery is the platform to provide you greater success online and we are here to help if you have any questions or need help getting started.

Contact us if you need anything

How do I get started?

You can join Embedery using two different ways.

1. Just sign up click on the join button in the upper right side of this page.

When you sign up using the button above, you will be asked for your email address and a password, we also ask you for your website name as to know what to call your property.

2. The start editor by clicking the start navigation item above.

This will bring you to our mini-editor where you first choose a template, customise and then sign up with that widget.

Next steps

In the next few articles we will explain how to use Embedery in detail, such as our Storyboard editor and our Widget editor.