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The Widget editor

3 min read

One of our core features are Widgets, we provide powerful and simple to build widgets that can be shown anywhere on the web. Using our drag and drop editor, anyone can easily add and remove elements, re-order elements and add new columns as they please. In this article we will ex ...

See Widget submissions

1 min read

We provide a powerful results section for all our widgets, here you can look into the performance of the widget and see all the information your widget has collected. In the results page you may see up to three different tabs, these are: Insights Summary Responses If your widge ...

Embedding inline Widgets

1 min read

Widget embedding is a core feature of Embedery.com, because of this we provide a few different approaches you can take when embedding your widget into your website. These approaches include: ## 1. Inline Widgets Inlining a widget is our more basic approach, all you need is to emb ...

Widget elements

1 min read

Our Widgets are built up using elements, these elements range from anything as simple as some text all the way to something as advanced as a countdown timer. Heres a list of the elements we provides: #1. Text with Markdown A simple element that will show formatted text in your wi ...

Getting started with Widgets

1 min read

Widgets are a core feature of Embedery, they are one of our solutions to engaging with users. When you want to collect email addresses from users or advertise sales happening on your website, you do so using a widget. You can add different elements and request multiple pieces of ...