The storyboard editor

Learn how to use the storyboard editor

As explained in the previous guide, Storyboards are a way to manage complex user behaviour flows in your website. Using a Storyboard you can determine when and how a popup or widget should be shown to your website visitors.

With Storyboards you can drag and drop different conditions and triggers to determine your flow.

Storyboard preview

The layout

In the editor you have a number of core parts:

The enable button

Found in the top right of the page as shown in the image above, this button will allow you to easily enable or disable your storyboard in your website.

Please note that when enabling your storyboard, it may take up to 30 minutes for it to be activated in your website because of caching reasons.

The sidebar

The left sidebar is where you will be able to select new conditions and triggers, and manage condition/trigger options when one is selected in the main board.

When a condition or trigger is selected, pressing the x icon in the top right of the sidebar will disable the currently selected condition or trigger.

The storyboard info panel

The storyboard info panel can be opened when you press the pen icon shown in the top left of the editor. It will open the panel where you can change the name and the description of your storyboard.

The sidebar save button

The sidebar save button can be found in the bottom part of the sidebar, this button will save your changes and will update your storyboard active in your website if the storyboard is enabled.

The main board

The main board found beside the sidebar and takes up the majority of the space in the editor, is where you can manage the actual flow.

With the board you can drag and drop different conditions and triggers, remove thos conditions or triggers and also connect them using the link ability explained below.

Saving & Publishing

When you make a change in a storyboard, please ensure you save your changes before leaving, once you save your storyboard, it will update the experience your visitor is seeing on your website.

Condition/Trigger linking

Storyboard linking preview

Linking is the way you can connect conditions and triggers in your storyboard. Linking provides a great level of flexibility and supports many features like supporting multiple widgets and cross page support.