Widget elements

Learn about the widget elements

Our Widgets are built up using elements, these elements range from anything as simple as some text all the way to something as advanced as a countdown timer.

Heres a list of the elements we provides:

1. Text with Markdown

A simple element that will show formatted text in your widget, you enter markdown text and we will show the formatted text.

You can add this element as often as you like.

2. Header text

The header text is used to bring attention to your users, it normally is shown at the top of the widget panel.

3. Image

The image element will show either an uploaded image or an image from a url. The image has a number of style rules to improve the alignment and appearance in your widget.

4. Checkbox

The checkbox element is used to opt users into an agreement, such as GDPR or if they wish to receive product updates, depending on your widget and its purpose.

5. Scale

The scale element will either show a scale of numbers, a list of stars for a rating widget or a collection of emojis each expressing a different emotion.

6. Text input with button

This element will show a text input field and an optional button normally used to submit a form. This is a great way to gather information from a user such as their name or their email address.

The button is optional and can be hidden.

More coming soon

We have plans to add tons more elements and we will do so as Embedery grows.