Product discovery

Schedule changes

When planning to run a promotion, it can be complicated to ensure your website messaging and product releases run on schedule. With Embedery we help you by providing a content change calendar, schedule when emails are sent, popups are shown and even update your website using an integration.

A no code solution

Using Embedery to design and build your popups and emails does not require any technical knowledge, just click, add your content and volia.

Curate the experience

With the power of flows and goals, we provide you with the capabilities to easily change embedded elements, apply in-page changes and conditionally show content depending on the journey of a visitor.

Understand your visitors journey

Journey analysis

Based on the captured journeys of your visitors, we analyse and show you the journeys are performing along with the ones that are actually converting.

Understand how your pages perform

On top of understanding what pages are pulling the most attention, we provide insights into what visitors are doing on your pages.

Event based analytics

Our insights engine is built on events, this means we focus on their behaviour and how they interact with your content. This helps provide you with a realistic point of view on how your website is working.

Personalize your customers experience

Define user flows

With flow diagrams the only limitation is your imagination, define multiple paths and test them out with different visitors to see the impact they are making.

Customer segmentation

With customer segmentation we provide you with the insights to detect and determine visitor and customer segments. Once defined, you can setup flows and goals to target these visitors and better convert them into valuable customers.

Personalize with elements

Popups, emails, widgets and in-site changes, we call these elements. With elements you can personalise the experience for your visitors in an infinite number of ways.

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