Grow your email lists

Gaining subscribers for your blog is a great way to grow your brand and re-engage with those visitors in the future. With Embedery you can provide a form to easily encourage visitors to share their email addresses.

You can also optimise your email list popups using Storyboards, analyse and understand how to increase email submission conversion and build your brand faster with your own blog.

  • Customise your email forms
  • Control when they are shown
  • Embed the form in your articles
  • Add extra fields
  • Minimal setup
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Complete control over your brand

All widgets and popups we present to your customers and visitors can be fully customised to match your brand and your overall image, we want all the solutions we provide to look as if you built them with your website.


All popups and widgets we provide are design to work on any device

Highly customisable

Modify and adopt your widgets with our rich editor. Click, edit and publish.

Many appearance types

Display your widget as a modal, popover, as a top bar or just inline your widget into your website.

Encourage sharing

Encourage your blog readers to share your blog content to their social media using some intelligent storyboard conditions, for example, once a visitor scrolls to the bottom of your article after 5 minutes, then show a popup to help them share the article to their Twitter followers.

Share impact analyses if the content shared using the social widgets we provide are working, visitors who come from links shared from your article will be counted and the results will tell you what is working and what is not.

  • Analyse share impact
  • Insightful metrics
  • Quickly understand what is working
  • No technical knowledge needed
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Embed anywhere

We fully support OEmbed, this means you can embed your inline widgets into thousands of different website that support OEmbed embedding, including,, and many others.

  • Auto resizing
  • Optimised to look great
  • Just embed with a url
  • No technical knowledge needed
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