The all new Embedery

Over the past few months Embedery has been undergoing a massive change, today we are proud to show off the latest version of Embedery.

The all new Embedery

Over the past few months Embedery has been undergoing some changes. We have realigned our mission to focus on helping you make your website, store and online property more effective.

With this new update we are introducing a few new changes, these include:

1. Goals

Goals are a way to bring together our ecosystem to focus on one objective, the goal of your website.

A goal can be anything from increasing sales around a product category to increasing email subscribers for your blog. We do this by constantly experimenting and optimising how we engage with visitors.

Along with helping to make your website more efficient, Embedery also serves as an analytical engine to help you understand different user groups and behaviours, this will enable you to make more effective decisions and truly grow your website to its full potential.

2. A single unified design system

To simplify the work you need to do to get something to work, you will now only modify the design and style of your popups from one location.

3. Elements

We are renaming all our popups and widgets to "elements", an element is any UI experience that can engage a visitor. Elements will include popups, widgets, emails, website notifications and many more we have planned.

That's all

So that's all for now, we are excited about where this new direction will take us and how Embedery will evolve overtime.

All the best.

The Embedery team.