Embedery works out of the box across any platform

All the tools you need to learn about your visitors

Embedery includes all you need to learn about your visitors, our event based analytics engine will help you see the bigger picture.

Get the full picture of how visitors use your website

With Embedery gain a deeper insight into who your visitors are, how they interact with your website and where they are coming from.

Integrated event tracking

Embedery will automatically collect valuable events to provide you insights into what pages are working and what pages are not.

Powerful analysis

Using our powerful analytics engine, gain deeper insights into the behaviour of your visitors and deeply understand visitors.

Engage your visitors

Effectively engage your visitors in the right way. With Embedery we provide tons of different ways to engage visitors, we call these elements.

Popups, widgets, emails, in page changes are at your disposal to help you increase the efficiency of your website and help you start achieving more.

All the popups you need

We support tons of different popup types along with providing you a powerful and easy to use popup editor so you can focus your message.

A complete solution

Our elements are designed to work across any website and any platform. We aim to provide a complete and reliable experience so you can focus on what matters, converting more.

Achieve your goals

The time has come, its time to start focusing on converting more and growing your website to its full potential.

No matter your goal, our platform will help you focus on how to effectively and intelligently start converting more traffic to valuable and committed customers.

Tons of goals to get you started

We have built up a library of different goal templates to help you get started on converting more. On sign up choose your goal and over time tweak it to be more effective.

Find the bottleneck

With Embedery, get a low level view on where your visitors are dropping off and improve the flow to increase the effectiveness of your website.

With Embedery

Understand who your visitors are, increase your sales

Before Embedery

With Embedery