Observe visitor behaviour and learn how visitors are converting on your website, see their paths along with what is working.

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Embedery works out of the box across any platform

All the tools you need to learn about your visitors

Embedery includes all you need to learn about your visitors, our event based analytics engine will help you see the bigger picture.

Understand visitors

Get the full picture of how visitors use your website

See an overview of how your traffic behaves

With Embedery we provide multiple levels of insight into your visitors, see high level statistics like where you visitors are coming from to what devices they are using.

See the paths your visitors are taking to get to checkout

Review the steps your visitors are taking to get to checkout, or what ever your goal is. See what pages are bringing the most attention and which pages are not.

Learn who your visitors are and when they are most active

See a break down of each visitor and how they interact with your website, analyse why they interacted with your website in that way and segment similar visitors into groups to focus on improving their experience.

Engage visitors

Impact your metrics and analytics with our no-code solutions

Define a flow

Flows is great way to define a user journey on how you can interact with your visitors, determine when a popup is shown or when an email is triggered. Our flow editor is easy to use and powerful enough to give you all you need.

Integrated elements

In Embedery an element can be anything that interacts with a visitor, like a Popup, in app message or even an email.

All our popups and widgets can be used for collecting data from visitors, like gather emails for a maillist or asking why they are visiting.

Aligned to your brand

All our elements are designed to be highly customised, but to help you keep your brand consistent we provide design themes. Setup a design theme and all your elements will align to your brand.

Convert more visitors

Focus on optimising more and start reaching your goals

Set your goal

Embedery is a platform designed to help your achieve your goals, we believe achieving any goal takes tons of small steps and success is based on hitting those milestones along the way.

Set your goal and we will align our system around the steps to helping visitors convert into valuable customers.

Constant split testing

Experimentation is the best way overtime to optimise the steps needed to reach your goal, with each step we are constantly split testing the experience to help convert more.

Catch the bottleneck

See whats working and where visitors are not progressing, we break insights down and show you why visitors are not converting.

With Embedery

Understand who your visitors are, increase your sales

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