Understand visitors

Get the full picture of how visitors use your website

See an overview of how your traffic behaves

With Embedery we provide multiple levels of insight into your visitors, see high level statistics like where you visitors are coming from to what devices they are using.

See the paths your visitors are taking to get to checkout

Review the steps your visitors are taking to get to checkout, or what ever your goal is. See what pages are bringing the most attention and which pages are not.

Learn who your visitors are and when they are most active

See a break down of each visitor and how they interact with your website, analyse why they interacted with your website in that way and segment similar visitors into groups to focus on improving their experience.

A high level view

See a break down of what pages are pulling in the most traffic, where those visitors are from and what device they are using.

Live view

See how many people are currently active on your website.

Know where they are from

See a map of the globe on what countries are most popular and what pages they are visiting.

Event orientated

Event based analytics

Our insights engine is built on events, this means we focus on their behaviour and how they interact with your content. This helps provide you with a realistic point of view on how your website is working.

No code solution

Our platform will automatically setup the necessary tracking depending on the website you are working with, no need to install any events. Just the JavaScript script we provide.

Customer breakdown

With our event based analytics we help give you an understanding on how your visitors are interacting with your website, we can detect patterns and help segment visitors based on their behaviour.

Privacy first

In all of the customer based data, we store and encrypt the data in our database. Privacy is important to us and its our responsibility to ensure we store it correctly.

GDPR compliant

All of our systems are audited and verified to be fully compliant with GDPR.

Built on Google, Microsoft and Amazon

All of our data and our systems are built on top of widely used solutions for infrastructure.

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