Use case

Effective SAAS onboarding and communication

Provide your users with the best possible experience for when they are learning about your product, onboarding and when being supported.

Educate your users about new features

Target the right segment

When releasing new features, target the right segment to effectively introduce your feature to your users and try to maximise user adoption.

Keep track of engagement

Understand what users are engaging most with your feature and reach out to them to learn more using email and our microsurveys.

Educate your users about new features image

Bring your users to that AHA! moment

Curate your users experience

Build effective onboarding experience to help bring new users to power users.

Customer segmentation

Group your users into segments to better understand what type of user they are, and optimize the messaging around their experience.

Useful insights

Build reports around your goal and drive deeper into how to make your product features more effective.

Bring your users to that AHA! moment image

Keep your users up to date with new releases and product events

Send your users email updates

With Embedery you can schedule updates using a number of different channels to effectively communicate to your users

In-web built in

Highlight changes and updates easily to your users next time they login in a passive way.

Keep your users up to date with new releases and product events image

Gather valuable product insights and feedback

Built-in analytics

All Embedery elements come with prebuilt tracking, see a break down of how visitors interact with your survey.

Customer segmentation

Develop a better understanding of your customers and easily apply segmentation to groups to improve their experience in your goals.

Answer overview

See a high level overview of the answers to your questions. Quickly see patterns and see real changes overtime.

Gather valuable product insights and feedback image

Our elements aligned with your brand

Design elements around your brand

All of our elements, such as in-web messaging, emails etc are fully customized and capable of aligning to your brand to help keep your design consistent.

Variables supported

Customize the messaging in your elements and localize the content to suit your user, easy to configure either in a no-code way or with the help of your engineers.

Frontend framework ready

All our elements are embedded using the Shadow DOM and keep out of your developers way so they can do what they do best, building beautiful and effective product.

Our elements aligned with your brand image

Discover more about our user experience platform

Powerful editor

Our editor tries to balance between flexibility and simplicity, we provide a simple way to drag, drop and configure blocks while providing an experience like a powerful design tool.

Tons of templates to start from

Our gallery is ever growing by the Embedery team, as well as community submitted popups. We try to align our popups around the core reason why it exists and the problem you are trying to solve.

Control exactly who sees your popup

You can refine and configure exactly who should see your popup using our embed behaviours, drag and drop blocks into the flow diagram to determine conditions around the user and your website experience.

Tons of blocks to build your popup

Our popups and elements are made up of blocks, input fields, buttons, text headings etc, we are constantly adding and refining the blocks to provide you with more possible solutions.

Tons of integrations

Easily connect your popup into your already existing flows, with our growing library of integrations.

Plus more

We are constantly improving and updating Embedery to be a better version, and we are always open to your feedback to understand more your specific requirements and problems.

Tons of possibilities.

Tons of goal templates to help get started, choose from our library and refine to suit your specific requirements.

Check out the gallery

Provide a todo based onboarding

Provide a todo list to your new users to complete a set of tasks to finish their onboarding.

Provide a simple onboarding flow

Provide your new users with a simple yet effective onboarding flow

Showcase a new feature

Promote a new feature to your users in passive way.

Gather contextual feedback

Ask a segment of your users a series of questions to better understand them


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