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The marketing platform for your ecommerce store.

Email marketing, sms marketing, in web engagement and more, Embedery has what you need to start engaging customers.

Embedery works out of the box across any platform

Get the full picture of how customers interact with your store

With Embedery we provide you behavioural analytics around events that matter to your store, know who is engaging with what and optimize your marketing plan to target specific segments.

See an overview of how your goals are performing

With Embedery we provide multiple levels of insights around your goals, see high level statistics like where you visitors are coming from to what devices they are using.

See how visitors use your store and keep track of what products they are interacting with

Recommended products based on your visitors browsing habits, and encourage them to check out if you have their email.

Learn who your visitors are and when they are most active

See a break down of each visitor and how they interact with your website, analyse why they interacted with your website in that way and segment similar visitors into groups to focus on improving their experience.

Get the full picture of how customers interact with your store image

Discover more about our user experience platform

Powerful editor

Our editor tries to balance between flexibility and simplicity, we provide a simple way to drag, drop and configure blocks while providing an experience like a powerful design tool.

Tons of templates to start from

Our gallery is ever growing by the Embedery team, as well as community submitted popups. We try to align our popups around the core reason why it exists and the problem you are trying to solve.

Control exactly who sees your popup

You can refine and configure exactly who should see your popup using our embed behaviours, drag and drop blocks into the flow diagram to determine conditions around the user and your website experience.

Tons of blocks to build your popup

Our popups and elements are made up of blocks, input fields, buttons, text headings etc, we are constantly adding and refining the blocks to provide you with more possible solutions.

Tons of integrations

Easily connect your popup into your already existing flows, with our growing library of integrations.

Plus more

We are constantly improving and updating Embedery to be a better version, and we are always open to your feedback to understand more your specific requirements and problems.

The data engine

Built-in analytics

All Embedery elements come with prebuilt tracking, see a break down of how visitors interact with your survey.

Customer segmentation

Develop a better understanding of your customers and easily apply segmentation to groups to improve their experience in your goals.

Goal overview

See a high level overview of your goal and quickly see patterns and see real changes overtime.

The data engine image

Everything you need to make an impact

With Embedery you have access to tons of tools to help you make an impact, understand user behaviour and optimize their experience to help drive more sales and in turn make your business more successful.

Detailed customer profiles

See a detailed breakdown of how each customer interacts with your store, see their preferred products to how much revenue they have generated.

Segment similar customers into segments and target them with effective goals.

Segment similar customers into groups and target them with effective goals, and design specific experiences for those customers.

Easy to experiment and optimize

Gain a stronger understanding of whats working and whats not, and continue to experiment until your business is unbeatable.

Everything you need to make an impact image

Tons of possibilities.

Tons of goal templates to help get started, choose from our library and refine to suit your specific requirements.

Check out the gallery

Birthday reminder

Send your customers a happy birthday reminder with an exclusive discount to make them feel special.

Cart abandonment reminders

Remind your customers that they have a cart with items that can be checked out.

Back in stock notification

Send a notification to your customers that a certain product is back in stock.

Product recommendations

Drive more sales with curated product recommendations sent by email and shown in your store.

Store newsletter welcome flow

When a customer subscribes to your stores blog, send them a welcome email to welcome them to the type of articles you publish.

Winback reminder

Send an email to winback your customers if they have not finished placing their order.


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