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Contextual Microsurveys

Ask your visitors and customers to better understand their needs

An easy-to-use tool that helps you gain visitor feedback on your webpages. Hear your customers and visitors honest thoughts and make informed decisions to improve your business and eventually increase conversion.

Embedery works out of the box across any platform

Dedicated question editor

Easily focus on the questions

We have a dedicated survey editor to allow you and your team to easily focus on asking the questions that matter.

Control the layout using our Layout editor

Jump quickly into our layout editor to easily change the colors of buttons, the sizing of text or the position of the panel when shown to your users.

Control your users journey

With the survey editor, you are in control, quickly reorder questions and manage the flow of questions to keep your visitors in the flow of questioning.

Dedicated question editor image

Tons of questions

Access any question type you need

We are constantly adding new questions to our platform to help you ask your users the right questions the right way.

Add validation where you need it

Ensure required fields are answered to ensure you have all the information you need.

Send submissions where you like

Connect to thousands of other services when a user submits your survey.

Tons of questions image

The data engine

Built-in analytics

All Embedery elements come with prebuilt tracking, see a break down of how visitors interact with your survey.

Customer segmentation

Develop a better understanding of your customers and easily apply segmentation to groups to improve their experience in your goals.

Answer overview

See a high level overview of the answers to your questions. Quickly see patterns and see real changes overtime.

The data engine image

Build the perfect experience and grow your subscribers

Powerful editor

Our editor tries to balance between flexibility and simplicity, we provide a simple way to drag, drop and configure blocks while providing an experience like a powerful design tool.

Tons of templates to start from

Our gallery is ever growing by the Embedery team, as well as community submitted popups. We try to align our popups around the core reason why it exists and the problem you are trying to solve.

Control exactly who sees your popup

You can refine and configure exactly who should see your popup using our embed behaviours, drag and drop blocks into the flow diagram to determine conditions around the user and your website experience.

Fully customizable to your brand

Build any popup you need and easily apply your brand colors, images and typography.

Lead magnet delivery

Our popups support multiple pages along with in-built button navigation, once your visitor signs up, share your exclusive piece of content with them.

GDPR compliant

Easily add in consent checkboxes, link to your privacy policy or redirect your visitors to a GDPR consent page, our editor provides everything you need to be GDPR compliant.

Tons of blocks to build your popup

Our popups and elements are made up of blocks, input fields, buttons, text headings etc, we are constantly adding and refining the blocks to provide you with more possible solutions.

Tons of integrations

Easily connect your popup into your already existing flows, with our growing library of integrations.

Plus more

We are constantly improving and updating Embedery to be a better version, and we are always open to your feedback to understand more your specific requirements and problems.


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