Ready-made Goal templates

Find your ideal Goal templates to get started converting more users.

Sign up modal 1 minute

Show a subscribe modal to your readers when they have spent 1 minute on your article.

Sign up modal after visiting

Show a subscribe modal to your readers after they have visited at least 2 articles.

Subscribe popover

Show a subscribe popover at the bottom right of the window to appear once the reader reaches the bottom of the page, the popover will be fixed to the window.

Birthday reminder

Send your customers a happy birthday reminder with an exclusive discount to make them feel special.

Cart abandonment reminders

Remind your customers that they have a cart with items that can be checked out.

Back in stock notification

Send a notification to your customers that a certain product is back in stock.

Product recommendations

Drive more sales with curated product recommendations sent by email and shown in your store.

Store newsletter welcome flow

When a customer subscribes to your stores blog, send them a welcome email to welcome them to the type of articles you publish.

Winback reminder

Send an email to winback your customers if they have not finished placing their order.

Provide a todo based onboarding

Provide a todo list to your new users to complete a set of tasks to finish their onboarding.

Provide a simple onboarding flow

Provide your new users with a simple yet effective onboarding flow

Showcase a new feature

Promote a new feature to your users in passive way.

Gather contextual feedback

Ask a segment of your users a series of questions to better understand them

Recently viewed products

Drive more sales with recently viewed products, reminders sent by email and shown repeatly in your store.


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