Gather contextual feedback

Ask a segment of your users a series of questions to better understand them


With this goal you can target different segment groups over the course of a few weeks. We can send a series of different contextual surveys depending on user behaviour.

The surveys can focus on what ever topic you are researching to enhance your product, so if they interacted with a certain feature you can gather insights into what they are looking for and if it solved their problem. Even further you can target only users who have used the feature once and compare against those who frequently use it and see the main reasons as to why.

Goal user flow

Page match App homepage

If user belongs to a certain segment

Show a micro survey

Wait 2 weeks

Show a micro survey

The user flow above is expandable and covers the MVP path of what you can implement. To determine a goal complete, you could say if the user completes the survey then the goal is complete. This can happen multiple times for the same user, so it is something to consider.


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