Define your goal

Break it down by step

To help make your goal work, we need to break it down into achievable steps.

Constant experimentation

To ensure your goal performs in the best way possible, we provide some tools to help you ensure each stage of your goal becomes more and more efficient as time progresses.

Quickly see what is working

Every step in the Embedery platform is tracked, we do this so you quickly understand what is and is not working, and make decisions to ensure all works are you expect.

One objective, one platform

Tons of elements available

Engage your visitors in tons of different ways, popups, widgets and soon emails are all at your disposal.

As complex as you like

Since you are defining each step with flows, you have tons of flexiblity to make the step as complicated or as simple as you wish. What ever works to make the step more effective.

Tons of templates

To help get you up and started, we provide tons of templates out of the box to help bootstrap your strategy.

Goal features

Tons built in to help you archieve more

Multiple steps

To help make your goal more realistic, we break it down into small achievable steps.

Flows are each step

Each step provides three flows to compete to be more efficient, over time your goal as a whole will become incredibly effective.

Observe everything

With Embedery we have insights on all of your elements, flows and your goals. Quickly understand what is and is not working.

Connected to the CRM

The core of Embedery is the visitor and customer of your website, keeping goals connected to the CRM allows you to develop a better understanding of who is using your website and how you can make it more effective.

Stay on track

Goals are designed to achieve more, if theres something wrong we'll let you know and you can review the next steps.

Plus much more

These are only some of the features we provide.

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