The parts of a goal

Goals are broken down into smaller parts.

Below are the parts and their purpose.


Stages are the steps a visitor takes on their way to fully achieving the goal you have defined. A goal can only have three to five stages.


In each stage we have three actions. Actions are the strategy in terms of how the visitor is engaged. Actions are constantly competing against each other to make the stage as effective as possible.


Actions use elements to directly engage customers, bascially an element is anything from a Popup to an email. Depending on how a user interacts with an element, it will have an impact inside an action.

Visitor Events

As a visitor visits your website, Embedery is collecting valuable and insightful information to help you make your stages and actions more effective. This also helps you develop visitor segmentation and gain a deeper understanding.

Insightful insights

As your goal becomes more mature, Embedery will start to suggest helpful recommendations and insights about how your goal is performing.

The objective is to help you understand what is working and what is not.

Step by step analysis

Within the actions you will see how visitors are engaging with your elements and understand where the problem is.

A low level and high level view

Insights work in the low level within actions and within the high level of the goal to give you the full picture. The more you know, the more effective you can impact the goal.

Constant experimentation

Within each stage you have three actions, these actions are constantly competing for the majority of visitor attention. The purpose of an action is to make the stage as effective as possible.

Action duplicate

If an action is by far more effective within a stage, the other actions will be able to copy the winner and start making tweaks to stay in the race to be able to become the winner.

Coming soon

In future we will introduce the ability for your goals to run in Autopilot, this means the actions will utilise the power of artifical intelligence and focus on optimising your stages while you sleep.

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