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What is SEO

Tips · 4 min read

What does SEO stand for SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation, so what does this actually mean? SEO, Search engine optimisation is a way to improve your webpages to gain more traffic from a search an online visitor enters into a search engine like Google or Bing. We wi ...

How to build a blog

Inspiration · 18 min read

Building a blog today has never been easier, tons of solutions exist that really can help you focus on writing great content and building a community around that content. We live in a world where content is shared daily and easily exposed to huge amounts of people thanks to websi ...

Embedding with

Use Case · 2 min read

This is a small tutorial on how to embed one of your Embedery widgets into For this tutorial we will use the newsletter widget. The newsletter widget is a form you can show after your article to prompt your reader to subscribe to your newsletter. Once they sign up you ...

Jam Stack vs WordPress

Content · 4 min read

The Jam stack is a new way of managing a blog without the expensive requirement of a server. In the open source world a number of static website builders have emerged, these builders simply convert static markdown files into rich experiences. JAM stack stands for: J, Javascript ...

20 Beautiful Pop Up Design Examples of 2019

Inspiration · 5 min read

Adding an engaging and consistent design popup that aligns with your website is a great way to double the number of email subscribers you can collect from your blog or the number of users you can convert for your online store. This is a technique we have seen throughout some of t ...

Hello World

Product · 3 min read

Welcome to This is a brief introduction on who we are, what Embedery is and our ultimate goal to make online website owners lives a lot more enjoyable and insightful into how their websites work and how to optimise traffic. Embedery is a conversion and behaviour eng ...