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An introduction to Embedery, what it is and what our goal is

Welcome to Embedery.com.

This is a brief introduction on who we are, what Embedery is and our ultimate goal to make online website owners lives a lot more enjoyable and insightful into how their websites work and how to optimise traffic.

Embedery is a conversion and behaviour engine

What does this mean?

Basically it means we analyse website traffic and present communication to that traffic to optimise a metric for the website owner.

A simple example might be to encourage users to subscribe to a blog and in future be contacted with new blog updates and content they are interested.

We provide this and a whole lot more.

The behvaiour side of our tool watches for when a certain action is performed on the website, so if a web user has visited your blog 3 times in the last week, we could show a simple popup to that user to encourage them to follow the blog and enter their email address.

Our ultimate goal

Oour ultimate goal is to be the layer between your website or SAAS product and the end customer, we have the platform to easily engage customers with custom widgets to advanced storyboards to ensure all communication is precise and effective.

We have big plans to continue providing solutions to your problem

Our widgets

One of our core features is to provide highly engaging widgets that can be customised to match the parent websites brand. With our widgets you can drag and drop elements, tweak options around those elements and then style the elements to gain true flexibility.

Our widgets are designed to be shown in many different ways, this is down to how you see them working within your online experience. They can appear in a modal, great for email collection widgets, as a popover in the bottom right of the window and remains visible as the user scrolls, as a top bar floating above the webpage or just embed them into your page.

Its incredbily simple to create a widget and start gathering valuable information for your website.


Storyboards are our way to visual represent the logic in when and how you wish for your widgets to appear to a user. Our editor provides a simple way to drag and drop different nodes around and link them with different conditions. This sounds complex now, but once you start working with Storyboards, you wont look back and question why this is not a standard.

Conditions you may have can be based on the users interaction, such as if they click a button or scroll down a certain percentage of the page. Or it can be based on where they came from or what page they are on. You have complete flexibility and control.


Analytics is here to provide a greater understanding into how your website is performing with your target audience and we provide the tools to optimise that traffic into helping you convert more. With our event based analytics you can see when a user visits a page and what they do on that page. We try to detect different patterns and we will recommend steps to better engage that user.

This is only the beginning

We have tons of ideas on where we can develop Embedery, and we hope you will join us in building the ultimate conversion and behaviour engine.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, all the best.

The embedery-team.


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