Embedery Features

Simple yet powerful

Here is a collection of most Embedery features, we have a strong focus on delivering a high quality solution while keeping our platform accessible to anyone.

Goal features

Goals are used to help you focus on results, implement a flow that spans across in app experiences to outbound messaging.

Powerful editor

Our editor tries to balance between flexibility and simplicity, we provide a simple way to drag, drop and configure blocks while providing an experience like a powerful design tool.

Element features

Elements are used to interact with your customers and visitors, an element can be a popup, form, email or even a push notification.

Powerful editor

Our editor tries to balance between flexibility and simplicity, we provide a simple way to drag, drop and configure blocks while providing an experience like a powerful design tool.

Exit intent popups

Capture your visitor before they leave your webpage, implementing this approach has proven to increase conversion.

Advanced targeting options

Be specific with who sees what, with Embedery our user flow editor provides tons of options to target any segment you wish.

Powerful personalization

Create any element you wish, our editor has been design to be as flexible as possible to allow your creative side to shine.

Tons of blocks

Our popups and elements are made up of blocks, input fields, buttons, text headings etc, we are constantly adding and refining the blocks to provide you with more possible solutions.


Create any popup you want and capture your visitors attention to encourage them to convert.

Top bars

Create any top bar you wish using our editor, top bars are a great way to passively inform your audience.

Micro surveys

Ask important questions to your audience and learn about their intentions with your brand, this also helps you see a high level of who your customer is.

Social proof

Provide a sense of activity on your website and help provide trust to potential customers that your brand is awesome.

Headless forms

Create your own forms and easily send the submission to our platform, with headless forms we provide you an endpoint and you control the experience.

Surveys and forms

Capture valuable information from your audience using surveys or embed contact forms into your properties, using Embedery is a great way capture and automate.


Create any email you wish and send it to your audience, with emails you can help convert more visitors into customers.

Google fonts built-in

Easily customize the typography of your elements using the massive library of Google fonts.

Drag and drop blocks

Easily drag and drop to reorder your elements blocks to ensure it looks great for your brands image.

Responsive options

Our editor provides the ability to easily customise your elements for any screen size, if on mobile or on desktop, your visitors and customers will have a great experience.

Quick reply from email field

Get notified by email when your form has been submitted and easily reply then and there to your potential lead.

Multi-page popups

Create multi-page experiences using our editor, we have in-built button logic to link to different pages to create powerful experiences.

Tons of animations

Easily control how your popups should appear using our collection of animations.

Typography customization

A simple but important capability, easily format your text using our text editor.

Event based insights

See detailed insights on how your element is performing based on how visitors and customers interact with it.

Embedded natively

All our popups and in-web elements are embedded directly into your webpages, this provides a great experience and helps provide a consist experience to your visitors.

Gamification popups

Encourage more visitors to convert using some of our gamification blocks.

Over 2,500 integrations

Embedery is connected to the world of SAAS, connect to any other service you wish using our integration layer.

Lead capture forms

Convert more visitors using our lead capture forms, with lead capture your visitors can gain access to exclusive offers and content in exchange for their information.

Form validation

Easily add form validation to ensure visitors submit information in the correct format.

Absolute blocks

Control the appearance of your popup easily using absolute blocks, show a background image behind some content easily.

Rich blocks supported

Embed rich blocks like YouTube or Vimeo vides, our popups have in-built support to show them beautifully.

Element variables

Customize your elements to specific customers and visitors, with element variables we can dynamically change the content of your popups and other elements.

Element A/B testing

With our user flows you can split traffic to see different versions of our elements, see which element performs the best and improves overall goal conversion.

Built-in automation

If this then that, with Embedery we are strong believers in automation, when visitors interact with your elements, easily add some automation to cause something to happen.

GDPR first

Our platform is built on the backs of giants, we treat data security very seriously, data is a first class citizen in every product decision we make.


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