Popup the great technique to engage and convert visitors into customers, learn what a popup is, how its meant to be used and how you can make the most with them.

In web marketing, a popup is a modal that appears when a person is visiting a website. The popup is normally used to inform and to engage that person to either take an action or to learn about something relevant to the website.

Is it PopUp or pop-up?

The word popup is defined as to appear or occur suddenly. In the modern web a popup is a panel that appears suddenly to person browsing a webpage.

Is popup one word or two?

The word popup is one word.

What is Popup used for?

Typically a popup is used to engage a website visitor while they are browsing the webpage. On some websites a popup can be used for advertising to help drive revenue to the owner of the website.

Because of badly implemented popups throughout the web, chrome extensions like ad-blockers have been designed to prevent this obtrusive experiences from happening.

In the marketing cloud world, popups have become more sophisticated to both be more effective and actually help convert visitors into loyal customers. This takes effort and timing, tools like Embedery have the capabilities to provide such experiences that help boost your business to the next level.

What is called pop-up?

What is meaning of popup notification?

What are the types of popups?

What can I use instead of pop up?

Should you use popups?

When should you not use popups?

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