Best 21 marketing Zapier zaps

21 great Zapier zaps to benefit your marketing team

In this article I will break down the 15 best Zapier zaps to supercharge your marketing team. Be it the focus of your marketing team is content marketing, building a social presence or even just optimising your webiste in general, this article is will be ideal for you.

What is Zapier

Thats a good question :) So Zapier is one of the most popular integration platforms on the web. It can connect your favourite applications and services easily using their visual editor. When you create an integration, they call it a "Zap".

Zapier now have over 1,500 services and applications integrated, this means your are highly likely to build the perfect Zap to optimise your marketing efforts.

Lets get started.

1. Enrich Typeform data with Lead Score by Zapier and log it in Google Sheets

With this Zap you can easily collect new email addresses from a Typeform survey, perhaps this survey could be to gather your feedback on your blog or product for a social networking website like Twitter.

Once the email has been collected, the service, Lead Score, a product from Zapier, will work to gather and enrich more information about that new contact, such as getting additional information like their name, the company they work for, what industry they are in, and where they are based.

Finally once enriched, the information is then inserted as a new row into one of your Google sheets.

You can find this Zap here

2. Survey monkey to Trello

With this Zap, you can easily gather new contacts from your form or survey, the contact can then be appled to your Trello board.

You could even have a contact assigned to a certain column depending on an option they chose from the survey.

3. Embedery to Mailchimp

So if you haven't noticed, you're on the blog for our product, It wouldn't be right if we didn't mention how you can also work with Embedery and connect it to all your favourite tools.

With Embedery you can very easily create any type of popup or any type of form depending on your use case. Once your form/popup has been submitted you could send that data to Mailchimp as a new email contact.

4. Embedery to Google Sheets

The last Embedery integration I'll mention in this article, you could also send your new popup/form submission to a Google sheet. With this you can define any number of fields you wish in your form and mapping them easily to a certain column.

You can find out more in our documentation explaining how to integrate Zapier.

5. Typeform to Mailchimp.

With Typeform and Zapier you can send your contact to mailchimp and register the new contact to one of your email lists. This is a great way to keep in touch with users who submit your survey and you can easily send them emails about your blog or product in the future to encourage them to return to your website and blog, and engage with your new content.

6. Wordpress to Buffer

So posting your content to social media is a great way to gain the initial traction to increase the chances of your new article going viral.

With this Zapier integration, every time you post a new wordpress article from your blog, it will schedule the article to be promoted from Buffer.

Buffer is a great tool to schedule posts and send those posts to different social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

7. Ghost to Twitter

If your blog is powered by you can very easily post to Twitter. It's one of the easist and more effective Zaps to implement.

8. Ghost to your Facebook Page

And on top of sending your newly published article to Twitter, you can further chain the Zap to post to your Facebook page. This is effortless and effective way to keep your audience up to date without you having to do any extra work.

9. Wordpress to Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a powerful social engagement platform perfect for pushing your content to your followers and new users on social media. With this integration, you can easily post your new wordpress posts to Hootsuite, and have hootsuite schedule to message to spread your article online.

10. Post tweets from new rows on Google Sheets

Another option to sharing content online to Twitter, without the extra cost of a scheduler, is to just post a new tweet each time you add a new row to your Google sheet. It's that simple, once you add a new row, your tweet will be created and sent, you can even attach additional information for the tweeting using individual columns in the Google sheet.

11. Share Google Calendar events on your Facebook Page

Events are a great way to grow your following and get a lot of attention around your brand, but promoting that event can be quite manual, luckily with Zapier you can easily share the event quickly to your audience on your Facebook page. Once the event is published, it will magically appear on your page.

More can be seen here

12. Record New Twitter Followers into a Google Spreadsheet

With Zapier, everytime a new follow follows you on Twitter, you can easily have their username be added to the spreadsheet.

13. Facebook page comment to Trello

Everytime when someone posts a new post to your Facebook page, you can capture that post and who sent it, and add it to your Trello board.

14. Save liked Tweets to a Google Spreadsheet

To help with content creation, everytime you like a tweet, this integration will save that tweet and add it to one of your Google spreadsheets. This is great if you are researching a particular topic and want to do some analysis into that topic for the content you are planning to create.

15. Save Twitter mentions to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

Another helpful integration is when someone mentions you on Twitter, this integration will capture the tweet where you or your brand was mentioned. This will also save the tweets URL, body text, date and time of when it was posts, the author's name, their Twitter handle, how many followers they have plus tons more.

16. Post new Twitter reply to Slack

One way to keep your team up to date with your online presence and a way to better engage with your audience, is to integrate Twitter into your internal communication tool like Slack.

When ever you are mentioned or someone asks a question related to your brand, you can very quicky be notified and jump to reply back to the question.

17. Make Trello cards for new WordPress posts

A simple integration to help with content reviewing, everytime you post a draft with Wordpress, Trello can take the post and add it to a column.

To advance this integration, you could add a Zap to update the post everytime a post is moved to a different column. For example, you could have column for drafts, that contains draft posts and another for published posts, once the draft post is moved to the published post, you could automatically post that article.

18. Post new trello cards to Slack

Another useful integration to stay informed, once a new trello card is added, you could share a message to a Slack channel to inform everyone subscribed. This would work nicely with some of the other integrations previously mentioned.

19. Create Trello cards from new rows on Google Sheets

To help bring content together within your team, you could add a Zapier integration to create a new card everytime a new row is added to one of many spreadsheets. All could be collected in one Trello board.

This could be a useful way to oversee content and make a more informed decision around the content.

20. Create Trello cards from new saved Slack messages

Simpler to the slack and trello integratio mentioned above, except this would be the reverse. In this integration every time a new message is added to a Slack channel, a new card in Trello could be created. This could be a handy way to collect ideas in a brain storming session or to just store a conversation.

21. Create Trello cards from new Gmail emails

Another handy integration would be to collect new content ideas from your email, when you receive a certain type of email, you could automatically have the content of the email be added to a new Trello card.

Perhaps the email could contain a certain subject to target the Trello integration.

That is all

Hopefully this list has given you some ideas to get started optimising your team with Trello. They have tons of different combination examples available from their website and really there is a lot of potential here you and your team.


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