Embedery App update, November 2022

We have tons of new and exciting changes to Embedery.

This month has been another busy period with tons of future features on the way. With each product update, we are moving closer and closer to providing our customers with the ultimate customer engagement platform to help convert and engage more.

So let us get started.

1. Submission email features

We have made some requested changes to our submission email that gets sent when one of your popups or forms (elements) is submitted.

Embedery email settings

You can now enable the submission emails to include the collected information from the element. This is great to quickly see the collected information without the need to open Embedery to see your submissions.

We have also added the option to set the reply to email when the submission is received, this will allow you to quickly reply to your visitors and customers when they contact you. With the settings field, simply select the field from your popup to set the reply-to field.

These settings are disabled by default to respect data privacy, so use them with care when enabled.

2. New onboarding flow

To help new users quickly get up and running, we have introduced a brand new Onboarding flow. Once a user signs up to Embedery, they will easily be able to create their first goal and be assisted in setting up the Embedery script.

3. New overview page

We have started rethinking some of our most important screens in the Embedery admin, this month we focused on the overview page for your space. We now provide some helpful tips on the right side along with a quick overview of all your goals and elements.

Embedery admin overview page

Above is a preview of the Embedery.com space.

4. More refinements to the element popup editor

We have added more refinements and improvements to the popup editor, the editor feels more reliable and smooth when interacting with the blocks that make up our popups.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

5. More popup templates

We have added tons more popup templates, we have a list of many more to add. But we hope there are a good few to help you get started or to provide you an inspiration to develop a great experience for your users and visitors and to help your business achieve more.

Our popup templates can be found here https://embedery.com/gallery

6. Google login

Embedery Google login

We’ve finally added Google login and signup. Now you can easily login to your account. Just click “Login with Google” and voila.

Now with Embedery you can login with a magic link, email, and password, and now Google.

That's all for November

We hope you are making the most out of Embedery and we are here to help you succeed, feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank you

The Embedery team.


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