Embedery App update, October 2022

We have tons of new and exciting changes to Embedery.

This month has been incredibly busy and we have a great list to tell you about today. With each product update, we are moving closer and closer to providing our customers with the ultimate customer engagement platform to help convert and engage more.

So lets get started.

New documentation website

We have revamped our documentation website, before it was a single list of articles covering a wide range of topics. You would have to search to find what you needed and the content was not well structured.

Now you have the best of both worlds, a search to help find what you need and a sidebar to help structure the content.

We chose to focus on three main categories, Building, Connection, and Observing.

Embedery documentation website

Over time we will add more content and continue improving to help you achieve more.

Introducing Goals

Originally we wanted to first focus on specific Popups, we thought it made sense and our customers could easily get something working quickly.

But as we explored this, we started questioning what is the big picture of using a popup on your website. Eventually, we concluded that it would be great to see an experience unfold on a website around many popups, but how could we provide such an experience?

Embedery goals

So we built Goals, the idea is you set a goal to achieve, then you build up an experience around this goal to help convert and achieve more. You can conditionally show popups and create a story that customers go through to eventually convert to your goal.

So now when you create a new popup, you bind it to a goal. Within the flow, you can then determine the next step based on how the visitor interacted with that popup, if they dismissed it then provide another opportunity later for them to convert.

Within each goal, we provide a flow diagram to help you manage and define your goals story towards achievement. We plan to add more advanced blocks and integrated analytics to help evolve the goal flow to become more effective over time.

This is an exciting new feature and we are looking forward to seeing where it will lead.


Slack has been updated, we’ve had the Slack integration for some time, but recently we have updated it to be more responsive for when you receive a new submission from a popup.

We have some ideas on how this can be further extended. Slack is a great way to keep your team up to date on the submissions your team receives.

Embedery Slack

Check it out here https://embedery.com/integrations/slack


Another great integration we have updated is Zapier, now when you receive a submission you can send that submission to a Zapier Zap.

Embedery Zapier

Easily connect your popups to over 2,000 different services.

Check out our Integration gallery to see all the possible ways of connecting your popup https://embedery.com/integrations

Weekly email

Another great addition this month was the introduction of a weekly update email, within notification settings for your space you can control if you want to receive this email.

Every week we’ll send a short update on how your space is performing, and see relevant data like submissions, views, and your popup conversion rates.

That’s it for October

It has been a busy month introducing these monumental features and we hope you find them as great as we do.

We have tons more features and enhancements scheduled and we hope you are finding great value in Embedery.

Let us know at info@embedery.com, we’re always available to help with any questions you may have or any feedback you’d like to share.


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