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Integrate your elements and popups into Slack and be notified when you receive a submission.

See your element and popup submissions

Easily subscribe to your elements and popups using this Slack integration.

See your element and popup submissions

Real time and rich content

You will receive your submission as soon as it happens, and the message will contain all submitted data relevant to your element.

Real time and rich content

Available commands


Subscribe to any element in your property, just pass the element ID into the command above. You can also have multiple elements connected in the same Slack channel.

/embedery subscribe [element-id]


Using the command above, you can stop receiving submissions from a element. Just pass the element ID to unsubscribe.

/embedery unsubscribe [element-id]


To see the available commands you can use with `/embedery`

/embedery help

List subscriptions

See what elements are subscribed to your Slack room. This command will also expose the element ID along with the element name.

/embedery list-subscriptions

Goal templates that use this integration


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