Recently viewed products

Drive more sales with recently viewed products, reminders sent by email and shown repeatly in your store.


This goal keeps track of your customers browsing history and displays recently viewed products. This goal requires that the property product catalog is uploaded to Embedery.

Goal user flow

Page match /product/*

Capture current product

Display recently viewed products in Embed zone

Wait 3 days

If no checkout event

Send email with recently viewed products

In the goal flow shown above, a recent products widget will be shown to the customer on the product page. This goal requires that you have setup your Embed zones for your property. The goal acts as a great passive goal to be constantly showing recently viewed products to your users.

The email can be refined based on your overall outreach strategy. But in the flow it will wait 3 days and if no checkout happened, then an email containing the recently viewed products is included.

This type of widget can surprisingly have a positive impact on revenue. Each goal keeps track of the impact it is having and suggests ways to improve its effectiveness.


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