Back in stock notification

Send a notification to your customers that a certain product is back in stock.


This goal requires you to collect a list of customers who want a certain product but the product is not in stock. The objective of this goal would be to notify the customers and to see how many purchase the product once available.

Goal user flow

Page match /product/*

If product is out of stock, page property

Embed a notify when back element

Once product is back, either by event or custom action

Send notification email to customers

Check out event with product

Goal reached 🎉

In the user flow shown above Embedery provides an element to allow customers to subscribe to when the product will be back in stock.

The store owner can see the user segment in the Embedery admin, and manually trigger an email to all customers. Or once Embedery detects the product stock is available from the webpage, the customers will be notified.

The flow continues and watches until the check out happens, if the product is included in the checkout, the goal is considered complete.


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