Provide a simple onboarding flow

Provide your new users with a simple yet effective onboarding flow


This goal is used to encourage new users to engage with your app. The flow does that by sending a useful email every two days with some information on how your product can help them.

The goal is reached if your new user logs in after the last email has been sent.

Goal user flow

On SAAS login

Present a welcome popup to explain the product

Wait 2 days

Send email introducing a feature

Wait 2 days

Send email introducing a feature

User has logged in recently

Goal reached 🎉

The flow relies on you setting up a few informative emails about your product and a popup with multiple pages that explain how they can make the most out of your product.

This flow provides tons of room for improvement and refinement. Each goal has analytics built in to help you optimize and understand where users are dropping off.


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