Cart abandonment reminders

Remind your customers that they have a cart with items that can be checked out.


The objective of this goal is to reduce pending open carts with your customers.

The goal can send reminder emails over the course of a few days and notify your customer when they revisit your store.

Goal user flow

On item add to cart

Wait 12 hours

If no checkout of the item

Then send email to notify customer

Wait 24 more hours

Then send follow up email

Wait 7 days

Then send follow up email

If visit store

Present notification to customer of an open cart

In the user flow diagram we will wait for the "add to cart" event to be fired, once done we wait for 12 hours, and if the cart has not been checked out. Then we will send a reminder email.

The flow will continue 2 more times to notify the customer until the cart is checked out. If they revisit the store, then a notification will be shown to remind the customer of the open cart.

You can try optimizing this flow by including discount codes and free shipping to incentize the customer to check out. Also by refining the timing of the emails.


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