Showcase a new feature

Promote a new feature to your users in passive way.


This goal is designed to help product teams bring awareness of a new feature that has recently been released. It does this by targeting a user segment and displaying an informative popover with a button to navigate them to the new feature.

You can provide other cues and elements to encourage them to try out the new feature in your UI. Also if a user in the segment continues to not discover the feature, you can follow up with them either by email or with a contextual survey to learn more.

Also for users who do not engage with the feature you can find out who they are using a sub-segmentation of users in the goal reporting.

Goal user flow

Page match App homepage

If user is in segment

Show feature popover

If feature shown to user

Goal complete 🎉

Send feature email

If user navigates to feature

Goal complete 🎉

In the user flow the user in the segment is shown a popover informing them of the new feature. The user can also be sent an email to explain the new feature. Once they engage with either the email or the popover, and the feature is shown to them, the goal is complete.


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