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The design editor is a simple and easy way to ensure your elements have a consistent and clean design that aligns nicely with your brand and host website.

Page overview

The page consists of two main sections, the left sidebar and the element preview.

In the left sidebar you will have access to the main styles groups, typically they are:

  • Container
  • Button
  • Form elements

With these 3 groups you should have enough control over the look and feel of your elements.

When you click on one of the three groups, they will expand to reveal a number of fields where you can change color, change a font size and set the default font family, plus many other options.

On the right side you will have a live preview of how the element will look once you make your changes.

Once you are happy with the appearance, just click on "Save changes" and within 20 minutes you elements should update to reflect your design changes.

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