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Getting started with Elements

Elements are another core part of Embedery, they are used to engage your visitors and customers in different ways.

In our platform, an element can be any of the following:

  • A popup
  • An inline widget
  • An email
  • A inline website change
  • A notification
  • A landing page

Plus many others.

Right now we only have popups and inline widgets enabled, we will provide new element types overtime as Embedery is used in more advanced and effective ways.

A popup

A popup is a simple element that will overlay the experience of a website to the visitor. We have a number of different popup appear types you can choose, they include:

  • A modal
  • A popover
  • A sidebar
  • A doormat
  • A top bar

The modal appear type is the most intrusive, but can be the most effective way to engage a visitor. Because it overlays the entire webpage, the visitor needs to decide how to handle it. These can be a great way to gather email addresses or to push a visitor to an important webpage, like a new product you are trying to sell.

The popover appear type is more passive, but still takes up a lot of the space on the webpage. This is a panel that appears normally in the bottom right hand side of your webpage. It is normally shown once a visitor scrolls to a certain point in a page, and it normally pushes a visitor to subscribe to your blog or website. They are a nice way to not interupt the experience but also effective enough to still capture the attention of the visitor.

The sidebar is a more intrusive approach, a bit like the modal, except is overlays one side of the webpage. They are not as normal to find online, but make the experience a lot more interesting.

The doormat is a scrollable overlay that normally appears once the visitor arrives to a page, it can be a nice way to greet people and collect some basic information before they freely scroll down to the webpage.

The topbar is the most passive appear type, it will appear that the very top, or bottom of the page depending on the setting you choose. They are a simple and nice way to remind visitors of something important or to notify the vistor of a sale happening on the website.

An inline widget

Inline widgets are directly embedded in your website, they should blend smoothly into your website content and can be used for either promoting a product or to collect email addresses.

With inline widgets you can use widget regions, still in development and will be made available soon.

The editors

Each element has its own unique editor to allow you to quickly and easily change content and the behaviour of them. We have designed Embedery to keep the editor simple enough to build something quickly but powerful enough to do what you wish.

We recommend focusing more on your goals rather than tweaking small details inside your elements. They do impact the overall success of your actions, so try to keep them clear and simple for your visitors.


All our elements collect insights from visitors who interact with them. With this information you should gain a deeper understanding on how your elements are being interacted with and make adjustments to make them more effective.


Responses are collected by your elements if they contain a form. An example would be an email form inside one of your elements, with these responses you can download them as a CSV file or connect them to an integration like Google sheets when the form is submitted.

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