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Goal tips

Here are some tips to help you make the most out of our Goals.

1. Review your stages once a week

Ensure you review your stages at least once a week to ensure they are behaving as you expect.

Also it can be a good opportunity to review your actions and make some small improvements to them to ensure they are behaving in a more effective way.

2. Copy the winning action

Once you have a winning action, we recommend copying the actions visitor journey to the other two actions. Then making some improvements to that visitor journey.

This should set you on a good path towards making your stage more effective. After a few iteractions you will have a very efficient flow.

We will eventually automate some of these steps in the future, this is still in development.

3. Be realistic with your goals

Goals are a way to break down a big objective into smaller parts, while providing some insight to why certain things happen when visitors interact with your website. So increasing email signups or encouraging more visitors to purchase a product is realistic and doable with our solution, not all solutions may be possible.

For example, a goal to just increase revenue is quite vague and does not work within the framework of Embedery Goals. Since there is no specific path towards how this can be achieved.

4. Expect negative results

This is not a perfect solution like every other software solution out there. So expect negative and unexpected results. The impact on Embedery goals can be seasonal or impacted by something external that can be more difficult to predict.

We will focus on improving and better exposing these impacts but will require more historical information of how your website bahaves and the visitors you receive.

5. Be subtle

It's important to not annoy your visitors, with Embedery goals we provide you the insight and tools to improve the effectivness of your website, but please dont take advantage and spam your visitors. This may have a negative impact on the overall experience and damage your website.

Instead focus on showing one or two modals for a visitors session instead of showing one each time they visit a page. Visitors can easily get frustrated and leave.

So focus on making small changes to your actions and minimise the engagement necessary to convert them to the next stage.

6. Experiment

Its so important to keep trying out new strategies with Goal actions, try out different visitor journeys and see if it has a massive impact on the effectiveness score. The only way to know is to try it out.

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