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Understanding the goal page

The goal section of Embedery is quite powerful, in this article we will look at all the parts of the page.

Since the page is quite big and contains a lot of important sections, we'll break the page into three parts.

You goal is broken down into different stages, the number of stages can depend on the complexity of your goal, but we try to align to either 3 or 5 stages depending.

You can click on the blue boxes at the top of the page to change the stage.

Overview, the top

The top section consists of a few parts. The top of the page contains a high level title along with a more detailed description of the purpose of the goal.

In this example we are using a placeholder goal, so the data is not accurate.

The stage funnel

The stage funnel is the large blue boxe broken into three horizontal sections. These section represent the stages of your goal and the slant of the box represents the share of visitors who have progressed to the next stage.

Below each section/stage we have a brief description of the purpose of the stage.

In the goal you can click on one of the other sections to easily change to another stage.

About the chosen stage

The chosen stage is highlighted blue in the stage funnel. Below it is the information about that stage, as shown in the image we have the title of the stage along with a text box to change the description of the stage quickly.

The stage condition

The next level is the stage condition, this is a simple condition to determine if a visitor belongs in this stage. Here you can define the page path a visitor must land on to be included in the stage. And since this is the first stage of the goal, it is the condition to determine if the visitor should join the goal.

Overview, the middle

After the stage condition, we have the analytics information about the stage. Here we can quickly see how many visitors this stage has, along with recent changes in the stage.

If you have a lot of visitors passing through your goal, this section will be very valuable.

We also have the average effectiveness score, this is calculated using your goal actions, which will be explained in the next section.

The effectiveness score is a percentage value of how effective your stage is at moving visitors to the next stage of your goal. The higher it is, the more likely a visitor will convert to the next stage.

Overview, the bottom

Finally we have the bottom of the page, here you can access your stage actions and see a table on the customers currently in your stage.


Actions are the methods used to engage your visitors and encourage them to convert so they move to the next stage of your goal.

Your actions are bascially visitor journey maps, so when a visitor does A then show a popup to them.

Your actions are used to constantly compete to be the most effective, in the image avove we only have two actions and one of which is marked as "Winning". This means that action 2 is the most effective at converting your visitors to the next stage.

If you action has the status of "Processing" this means you need more visitors to be exposed to your action. This is normal to see if you dont have a lot of traffic or you have just enabled your action.

The customer section

Here you can see a table listing the customers currently in this stage. In future we will provide deeper insights to help you make your stages more effective.

Insights & suggestions

This feature is coming soon, but the system will provide some recommendations based on how your stage is behaving and suggest ways to improve your stage.

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