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Showing surveys to your visitors

Surveys are a simple way to ask visitors different questions to help you learn who they are and what they are on your website for.

In this section, we will show you how to enable your surveys to be shown to your visitors.

Setup a survey

To get started, please create a new survey, add some questions and publish it. This is explained in the Survey editor article

Groups and tags

So to help you manage many surveys for specific reasons, we have a concept called groups.

As shown above, on the left side there is a list of groups, they are called "Blog & About" and "My new group".

With these groups, you can define appear type rules.

Appear type rules

The appear type rules tell Embedery when a survey can be shown, so in the preview above we are telling the platform that only these surveys can be shown on the "/about" page and any page in the blog.

Assigning a survey to a group

To assign a survey to a group, click on "Add appearance group" and select the group you want the survey to appear in.

Once it is assigned, the platform will update and within 20 minutes or so, the survey will be exposed to your visitors.

Removing a survey from a group

Surveys can belong to multiple groups, but to remove your survey from the group, just click on the tag in your survey and it will no longer be shown.

Please wait 20 minutes to see the effect, we cache the configuration to help with performance.

Adding a new group

If you want a new group, just click on "Add new group" and it will be created. Currently we only allow up to 5 groups to exist.

You can easily edit the name and the rules by click on a button called "Edit appearance options".

A modal will appear, within the modal you can:

  • Rename the group
  • Set a description for the group
  • Modify the appear type rules
  • Delete the group, if needed

My issue is still not resolved.

We are sorry to hear that you have not found the appropiate documentation to help solve your problem.

Please reach out to us and we will do our best to help.


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