If that then this

Personalize based on previous behaviour

If a visitor came from a certain page, you can personalize their experience to pull them closer to making that sale.

Supported by elements

Easily show a popup or even send an email based on how people are interacting with your website.

Unlimited possibilities

With flow diagrams the only limitation is your imagination, define multiple paths and test them out with different visitors to see the impact they are making.

A native layer

Our elements are build to seemlessy fit into your website. We have designed our elements to appear like you built them. We do not use iframes, instead we rely on a modern approach know as web components.

Mobile ready, any screen ready

By design our elements are designed to work on any device. We have designed our element layouts to adapt and appear in the best way for your visitors and customers.

Works everywhere

No matter if you use Shopify, Squarespace or Wordpress, our elements will work anywhere. Just install Embedery and voila! That's it!

Unlimited possibilities

Tons of effects, triggers and conditions to choose from.

On page exit

Show a popup before a visitor leaves a page easily using this trigger.

Integration effect

Trigger an integration using this trigger, send some information to Google sheets for example when a visitor does an action.

Wait effect

Wait a few a minutes, a few hours or even a few days before continuing the flow, this is a great trigger for re-engaging visitors and customers.

Frequency condition

Determine how often a visitor can continue in the flow, perhaps you want to repeat showing a popup a certain amount of times, with this condition you can control this.

Query string

If you are trying out a new flow or want to target a group of visitors from an advertisement campaign, this condition can detect the query param from the URL bar and continue the flow.

Plus much more

These are only some of the many triggers, effects and conditions available to you.

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