Understand visitors

Hear the voice of your customers

Ask any question you wish

Our surveys provide mulitple fields you can use to ask your question, including the ability to use emoji's to express emotion or a scale to collect a rating.

Focus on the content

All of our surveys are designed so you focus only on the questions you wish to ask, we provide surveys out of the box and ready for any device your visitors use.

A consistent brand

With our branding tool, you focus on branding in one place and with surveys you spend more time asking if the right questions are being asked, rather than focusing on the design of the survey.

Visitor Responses

Easily see all of your responses of your summary in a table showing their answers along with what visitor answered.

Connected to the CRM

See who answered your survey along with other actions they have performed in your website.

Questions summarised

Along with a table of responses, we also aggregate multiple choice questions into one report to show you which option is most popular.

Survey features

Tons of flexiblity, bring the questions and we'll help bring the answers

Target any page

With surveys we provide the ability to target specific pages or even sections of your website, target just your blog or just product pages.

Easy to use editor

Our editor has been designed to be easy and to provide enough to allow you to develop the ideal microsurvey. Reorder questions, add/remove questions and preview your question in real time, plus tons more.

Randomise your surveys

In Embedery your survey belongs to a group, with a group you can show a random survey to the same visitor on a certain page.

Connected to the CRM

The core of Embedery is the visitor and customer of your website, keeping surveys connected to the CRM allows you to develop a better understanding of who is using your website and how you can make it more effective.

Survey insights

With insights you can quickly see the conversion rate of your survey along with high level statistics on the visitors who are exposed to your survey.

Plus much more

These are only some of the features we provide.

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