Days until BFCM

Use case

Black friday and cyber monday

One of the biggest events in the e-commerce calendar, Embedery covered in a number of ways to maximise conversion and drive home your best year.

Everything you need to make an impact

With Embedery you have access to tons of tools to help you make an impact, understand user behaviour and optimize their experience to help drive more sales and in turn make your business more successful.

Detailed customer profiles

See a detailed breakdown of how each customer interacts with your store, see their preferred products to how much revenue they have generated.

Segment similar customers into segments and target them with effective goals.

Segment similar customers into groups and target them with effective goals, and design specific experiences for those customers.

Easy to experiment and optimize

Gain a stronger understanding of whats working and whats not, and continue to experiment until your business is unbeatable.

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The data engine

Built-in analytics

All Embedery elements come with prebuilt tracking, see a break down of how visitors interact with your survey.

Customer segmentation

Develop a better understanding of your customers and easily apply segmentation to groups to improve their experience in your goals.

Goal overview

See a high level overview of your goal and quickly see patterns and see real changes overtime.

The data engine image

Tons of possibilities.

Tons of goal templates to help get started, choose from our library and refine to suit your specific requirements.

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Birthday reminder

Send your customers a happy birthday reminder with an exclusive discount to make them feel special.

Cart abandonment reminders

Remind your customers that they have a cart with items that can be checked out.

Back in stock notification

Send a notification to your customers that a certain product is back in stock.

Product recommendations

Drive more sales with curated product recommendations sent by email and shown in your store.

Store newsletter welcome flow

When a customer subscribes to your stores blog, send them a welcome email to welcome them to the type of articles you publish.

Winback reminder

Send an email to winback your customers if they have not finished placing their order.

Build your Popup now

Choose your popup type to get started.


Increase your newsletter subscribers using a popup


Provide a coupon to your visitors to encourage them to signup.


Provide a giveway to your visitors to encourage them to signup.

Subscribe inline form

An elegant two column subscribe form to help capture more subscribers


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