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Content orchestration

Easily define a plan of when content should be exposed to your visitors and apply solutions to drive traction.

Embedery works out of the box across any platform

Everything you need to make an impact

With Embedery you have access to tons of tools to help you make an impact, understand user behaviour and optimize their experience to help drive more sales and in turn make your business more successful.

Schedule your goals

With Embedery you can schedule when you want your goals to activate. This is great for event management for your business, easily schedule popups and emails during black friday.

Segment similar customers into segments and target them with effective goals.

Segment similar customers into groups and target them with effective goals, and design specific experiences for those customers.

Easy to experiment and optimize

Gain a stronger understanding of whats working and whats not, and continue to experiment until your business is unbeatable.

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Get the full picture of how visitors use your popups

See an overview of how your popups are performing

With Embedery we provide multiple levels of insights around your popups, see high level statistics like where you visitors are coming from to what devices they are using.

See the paths your visitors are taking to get to your popup

Review the steps your visitors are taking to get to your popups. Dig deeper into how to optimize your popups to perform greater than expected.

Learn who your visitors are and when they are most active

See a break down of each visitor and how they interact with your website, analyse why they interacted with your website in that way and segment similar visitors into groups to focus on improving their experience.

Get the full picture of how visitors use your popups image

Zero fluff. Just what you need to create a successful experience.

Powerful drag & drop editor

Our editor has been designed to help you build any experience you may wish to create.

Quick install that works everywhere

Add Embedery to any website you wish, its one line of code that is incredibly easy to install.

A growing library of templates.

Find the perfect popup or element to help get you started engaging and converting more.

We have an ever growing template library made of Embedery staff creations and community creations. We also align our popups around different missions, such as driving more sales, collecting emails for your newsletter, collecting feedback, plus tons more.

Analytics built-in

Analytics are an essential part of understanding the impact your popups are having, we provide analytics out of the box for all popups and elements.

Advanced Targeting

Target the right user to maximise the potential of your popup, each popup has something called "Behaviours", using a drag and drop canvas you can refine when your popup should appear.

Build your Popup now

Choose your popup type to get started.


Increase your newsletter subscribers using a popup


Provide a coupon to your visitors to encourage them to signup.


Provide a giveway to your visitors to encourage them to signup.

Subscribe inline form

An elegant two column subscribe form to help capture more subscribers


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