Use case

Promotion management

Promote your new sales, product releases and flash sales in an efficient way.

Some example use cases

Flash sales

Conditionally show your promotion for 3 hours once a week, and drive more visitors to the right page.

Product release

Organise a successful product release using in-experience messaging with popups, in-page changes along with target emails.

Sale promotion

Promote the right sale to the right customers, easily segment existing visitors and customers and schedule effective promotion.

New blog post

When releasing a new blog post, get the extra push by promoting it to your existing visitors and encourage them to promote on social media.

Business announcement

If you are announcing some important information, effectively orchestrate it with scheduled messaging.

Coupon promotion

Depending on a visitors behaviour, easily try to encourage the sale by showing them a popup to remind them that their cart is full and there is a coupon that can help.


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