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Dynamically create a ticket or send information to your Zendesk helpdesk using this great integration.

crm, analytics, issue-tracking, marketing, sales

Share all collected data with HubSpot and better enrich your CRM contacts.

popular, support, sales, issue-tracking, crm, feedback

Update or add to a Trello board when a element is submitted, customise your widget and send any data you like to Trello.

popular, support, sales, issue-tracking, crm

Add new submissions to your Airtables and keep everything up to date when one of your widgets has been submitted.

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Update your todo list or add a new task when a widget has been submitted, our widgets work everywhere, even in internal tools.

new, issue-tracking, support

Update or add a new note everytime one of your widgets have been submitted using this integration.

issue-tracking, support, feedback

Easily create a new issue when your widget has been submitted, you can create a new issue form using Embedery and easily use it to create new issues.

issue-tracking, support, feedback

Add a new todo when one of your Embedery widgets have been submitted.

Jira Software Cloud
support, issue-tracking, feedback

Create a new Jira ticket when a widget has been submit, your widget can be a support request form to gather any information you like to send to Jira.

Jira Service Desk
support, issue-tracking, feedback

Add a new service desk request when a widget is submitted, you can pass any data you wish from your widget.


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