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Maximize your Bubble solution potential with Embedery's no-code solution. From popups to emails and more, Embedery's tools help you save time and money while delivering a high-quality user experience.

Benefits using Embedery with Bubble

Businesses can benefit from using popups on Bubble in a number of ways. Here are a few examples:


Increased Lead Generation

Popups can be used to collect email addresses and other contact information from website visitors, helping businesses build their email lists and generate more leads.


Higher Conversion Rates

By displaying targeted popups to visitors based on their behavior or interests, businesses can encourage them to take specific actions, such as making a purchase or signing up for a trial.


Reduced Bounce Rates

Popups can be used to encourage visitors who are about to leave a website to stay longer or take a specific action, reducing bounce rates and increasing engagement.


Improved User Experience

When used correctly, popups can enhance the user experience by providing relevant information or offers at the right time, rather than bombarding visitors with too much information at once.


A/B Testing Opportunities

Bubble's built-in A/B testing tools make it easy to test different types of popups and messaging to see what resonates best with visitors, allowing businesses to optimize their campaigns for maximum impact.

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Collect emails

Get started easily using a template or start from scratch and build your ideal Popup using our easy to use NoCode editor.

Plus tons more

Check out our gallery to find perfect email capture popup, or create one form scratch.

Check out the gallery

Discover more about our user experience platform

Enhanced User Experience

Popups can provide a more interactive and engaging user experience by displaying contextual information, tooltips, or onboarding guides. They help users understand the tool's functionality effectively.

Onboarding and Tutorials

Popups can guide users through the no-code tool's features by providing step-by-step instructions or video tutorials. This accelerates the learning process and helps users grasp the tool's capabilities quickly.

Feature Discoverability

Popups can highlight specific features or updates within the no-code tool, ensuring users are aware of all its capabilities. This makes it easier for users to explore different functionalities and discover hidden features.

Error Handling and Notifications

Popups can display error messages or notifications, alerting users about any issues or updates within the no-code tool. This helps users identify and resolve problems promptly, improving their overall experience.

Contextual Help and Support

Popups can provide contextual help and support within the no-code tool. They offer tooltips or information boxes, providing immediate guidance on using specific features or accessing relevant help resources.

User Feedback and Surveys

Popups can be used to gather user feedback or conduct surveys within the no-code tool. This enables developers to collect valuable insights, understand user preferences, and make informed decisions for future enhancements or updates.

Personalization and Customization

Popups can be customized based on user preferences or behavior. By tracking user interactions, the no-code tool can display tailored popups that provide personalized recommendations, suggestions, or offers, enhancing the user experience.

Call to Action (CTA)

Popups can include call-to-action elements like sign-up forms, subscription prompts, or upgrade offers. This allows the no-code tool to generate leads, capture user information, or promote premium features, contributing to business growth and monetization.

What makes the Embedery with Bubble different?

Embedery is much more than a popup builder. We help you build great experiences around your customers to overall help your business succeed. Some great benefits include:


Customer data platform

We can help businesses unlock the full potential of their customer data, allowing them to create more personalized and effective marketing and sales strategies.


Email support included

Not only can you display popups, but you can also engage with your customers using email, send them reminders to checkout their cart or to learn about a new product release.


Full control over the user experience

Build engaging user experiences around you Bubble based website, control when a popup appears and what happens if they submit the form in the popup. You are in control


Event based reporting

Our entire platform is built on events, when something happens on your Bubble website, create a report to gain a high level understanding on how customers engage with your business.


Not just for the web

Your business exists in many places, not just on Bubble, with Embedery with provide you with the tools and capabilities to engage with your customers across multiple websites and platforms.

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Discover more about our user experience platform

Powerful editor

Our editor tries to balance between flexibility and simplicity, we provide a simple way to drag, drop and configure blocks while providing an experience like a powerful design tool.

Tons of templates to start from

Our gallery is ever growing by the Embedery team, as well as community submitted popups. We try to align our popups around the core reason why it exists and the problem you are trying to solve.

Control exactly who sees your popup

You can refine and configure exactly who should see your popup using our embed behaviours, drag and drop blocks into the flow diagram to determine conditions around the user and your website experience.

Tons of blocks to build your popup

Our popups and elements are made up of blocks, input fields, buttons, text headings etc, we are constantly adding and refining the blocks to provide you with more possible solutions.

Tons of integrations

Easily connect your popup into your already existing flows, with our growing library of integrations.

Plus more

We are constantly improving and updating Embedery to be a better version, and we are always open to your feedback to understand more your specific requirements and problems.

In-web messaging

We have tons of options available to engage and convert your traffic.

Social Proof

Notify your visitors when other visitors trigger an event on your website, such as when someone purchases one of your products, let other visitors know about it.


Display a popup to your visitors. This is a great way to catch the visitors full attention.


Embed your widget into your content. This is great if you want your widgets to blend in.


Display your widget as a popover, this can appear fixed to the window of the visitor, this is a great way to prompt visitors in a more passive way.


Display your widget when a visitor lands on a page, the doormat will be shown in fullscreen, but the visitor can scroll down to see the webpage.


Show your widget as a sidebar, a sidebar is great for presenting a lot of content while capturing the attention of your visitor.


Display your widget as a horizontal bar, this works great at capturing the visitors attention throughout the entire experience.

Support Panel

A panel to help your customers and visitors find relevant guides from your knowledge base and with an easy way to contact support.

Social links

The Social links widget is used to help your content be shared by your visitors on social media, it provides a simple yet effective solution.


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